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High Peak Crafts
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Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot find an answer to your question please contact us! THE TEAM

Q. Can I list to my existing business on High Peak Crafts & Arts?
A. Yes; of course! To have your business listed with High Peak Crafts & Arts with a direct Photo Listing to your own existing Website or Online Shop costs £4.49 per calendar month. You may upgrade to a higher Plan at any point. Visit the Advertise With Us page for more information.

Q. Can I have more advertising space with you?
A. Of course! You would receive a Photo Listing linked to a Full Page of a generous length from where you may direct visitors to your own existing Website or Shop. This costs £6.49 per calendar month. 

Q. Can I edit my full page myself?
A. Sorry, no. We do work with you in the design of your Full Page advert and we would be happy to make changes from time-to-time (without charge).

Q. What does it cost to have a Shop with you and run it myself?
A. For you to have and run your own Online Shop together with a Photo Listing and a Full Page advert would cost £8.49 per calendar month. Your online shop would use PayPal as a payment gateway. See Using My Shop

Q. What does PayPal charge me?
A. PayPal has no monthly fees, you only pay when you sell an item, and currently that charge is a flat-rate 30p per transaction and approximately 3.4% of the value of the sale. You can check the latest Merchant Fees [ HERE

Q. How do I edit my Shop?
A. You would edit your Online Shop using your Browser There is no restriction to the number of items that you can list (although a sensible limit applies) but please do read Using My Shop for full information.

Q. Do I have to pay for 6 or 12 months in advance?
A. No, you don't. We ask you to put in place a Standing Order to be paid at the beginning of each calendar month. At the end of the month you'll receive a receipted invoice for your accounts.

Q. So, I join the Directory and then in a few months you put your prices up!
A. With prices the way they are today nobody can guarantee to hold a price indefinitely; but we would not consider a price rise (under normal circumstances) throughout the next 24 months.

Q. Do I have to sign a contract?
A. No contract to sign, if you're not happy with the service we provide then you may walk away at any point owing nothing .... though we would do our utmost to resolve any issues and keep you as a customer.

Q. So can High Peak Crafts & Arts guarantee to be at the top of all Google searches?
A. We will work tirelessly to gain top rankings with Google but we cannot make any guarantees of placement. To improve our ratings we ask customers who have their own business advertised with us to place a link back to High Peak Crafts & Arts on their site. However; as well as the advantage of having a listing that's high on Google, please consider this. Every label, every flyer, every opportunity that you have to promote your business through High Peak Crafts & Arts should be used. Joining us gives you the ability to promote your business and sell online. If you sit back and wait for customers to find you you will be disappointed. You must be an ambassador for your business at High Peak Crafts & Arts!

Q. Is your Website secure?
A. Firstly, we have in place industry-standard secure certification. Secondly (and we believe most importantly of all) the reason we use PayPal is that it's arguably the biggest payment gateway in the world. By using PayPal a customer to your Shop never enters their Credit or Debit Card details on High Peak Crafts & Arts and no details are stored by us other than names, addresses and contact details if they place an order.


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